Extra Extra: Just Say No to Red Meat

  • Steve and I have decided to omit red meat from our regular diet. I’ll write a complete post about this later, but the change is basically due to our desire to live more healthily and environmentally conscious. Our fridge has become stocked with non-red meat proteins like tofu, chicken, fish and turkey, and I’ve been finding ways to make substitutions with our red meat recipes.
  • We’re going to spend Christmas in Hawaii with my whole family! I’m so excited, I just might do a spontaneous hula right now. Since moving to Los Angeles, celebrating Christmas at home in Hawaii is a rarity. But this year, my family is making it happen. I’m already dreaming about laying out on the beach under the hot sun in the middle of December.
  • Heads up to you local readers – we recently discovered a great coffee house in our neighborhood called Cafe Corsa, and have officially deemed it our new hot spot. Steve posted his personal review of it at his blog here.
  • I own a new domain – larissamarks.com! My old domain, larissalmarks.com, forwards to the new one, so hopefully there won’t be any issues with people’s readers and links. Take that, other Larissa Marks who got to the Gmail account first. I got the domain. Point for me.

19 thoughts on “Extra Extra: Just Say No to Red Meat

  1. Good on you for cutting red meat out of your diet! I had done so as well after my dad had his quadruple bypass and it made sense for me to do so.Here is some good info on cutting out red meat: http://www.gillianmckeith.info/. She has great tips on eating healthy, and I just bought two of her books. She also has a show on BBC America called You Are What You Eat. It is insanely informative and helpful.I find myself more energetic and feeling less sluggish after meals. If I do decide to eat red meat, I go for locally raised and cruelty free organic beef because it doesn’t impact the environment as much through consumption.


  2. I wish I could cut red meat from my diet completely – but I love steak, burgers, and pepperoni too much to give it up completely! Congrats on making a healthy lifestyle choice though!!Yay for the new domain! heehee 🙂


  3. I guess I’m gonna have to hope that economics works in my favor with the Marks’ giving up on red meat. Hopefully that’s more supply in the marketplace which drives prices down allowing my family to enjoy this God-given gift! 🙂


  4. First of all, congrats on you snagging the domain (yeah, yeah…do the hula!) I really give you credit for going red meatless. We eat red meat like once a month and I don’t really miss it, but man, when I’m back in Hawaii it’s simply impossible. A plus that I’m celebrating T-day over there as I’ll be scarfing turkey!


  5. Good for you! We don’t eat much red meat in our house, but going totally veggie would be difficult. I was in Hawaii over Christmas time last year and it was AMAZING. Have fun!!


  6. Ooh have fun in Hawaii for christmas. That sounds good laying on the beach. Here we will just be sitting in our underwear in front of the air con. Ha ha. 🙂


  7. I think cutting out red meat is great. I hardly eat it but you know when you return home most dishes are red meat. But you know you only come home once in awhile. Although Maui has a lot of health food stores now.Have a great week!


  8. Good for y’all! I don’t eat much red meat, but sometimes, I do crave it. However, living close enough to the coast allows me to eat lots of seafood and awesome things like that.And yay for the new domain name!


  9. I doubt you will miss the meat.It will stop seeming like food even.GOOD FOR YOU SISTAH.I’m considering my first Xmas away from the islands, but if I’m in HI I would love to connect and say Mele Kalikimaka.


  10. Yup, totally with you on that one. We also started including more vegetarian protein sources like beans, sprouts, tofu etc. DH likes it, especially because our grocery bill went down about 50%. We buy mostly organic so buying a lot of meat can get pretty expensive. Beans, on the other hand, are quite cheap – even when they are organic.


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