Healthy Choices While Traveling

As someone committed to a healthy lifestyle, I was concerned about my month-long travel plans this summer, and the toll they might take on my eating and exercise habits. While traveling, it is easy to abandon healthy practices. Irregular schedule, eating out at restaurants, and enjoying new foods can quickly add up to unwanted weight gain.

Fortunately, with a few minor strategies, I was able to enjoy the traveling and keep my health in tact (I actually came home two pounds lighter!). I believe it is possible to make good choices wherever you are, and come home as healthy as ever. Here are some tips on making healthy decisions while traveling:

  • Get creative with exercise. There are many great ways to burn calories while traveling. Walk to your destinations as much as possible, go on hikes, play sports. Also, make use of the hotel fitness center. If you’re staying in a location for an extended time, you can even join an exercise class at the local gym.
  • Drink lots of water. Alcohol and coffee can dehydrate your body, and can add to your caloric intake. Stick to water as much as possible.
  • Pack healthy snacks. Be prepared with healthy food so you won’t be temped to snack on whatever is available. Dried fruit and nuts are easy to bring on the road.
  • Make good choices while dining out. Excessive calories are easily consumed at restaurants, so have a plan for those meals. Eat half of your dish, or share a meal. Order low-fat protein with vegetables as sides. Eat slowly.
  • Indulge in moderation. Eat small portions of whatever you like. Split a piece of cake with a companion, or have one glass of wine instead of two.

19 thoughts on “Healthy Choices While Traveling

  1. That is such good advice babe, and comes at a good time for me. Heading to the States next week for a 3 week journey of a few cities and am freaking out about putting on weight when I am there.Anyway, thanks for that!!I deleted my blog but I’m on facebook a lot so it is all good.Lots going on just now and no time to blog.Love Sue x


  2. While I totally, absolutely, 100% agree with all that you’ve written, when I fly back home in a couple months, I will eat every type of local grindz that I set my eyes on. Don’t ask how long I’m staying, because then you’ll make like one aunty and wag your finger at me! 😆


  3. Girl, you are NOTHING if not dedicated! Very admirable.When I went to NYC, I came back five pounds heavier. And that was with all that walking! lol. What can I say, I didn’t want to prevent myself from enjoying the city’s food offerings. But when I came home, I went back to my regular routine and dropped that weight off in about a week.


  4. I struggle on vacation, weekend trips, Monday thru Friday….Ummm, pretty much everyday.I recently just started trying to better my body, mind, soul. Ok, not 100% true but I did start jogging…but now hurt my ankle so now will start pilates which hopefully will be less strenous on my bones. Food wise, if I could only not eat so much junk, I’d be eating perfectly healthy. I’m working on that. I’m just your typical out of shape petite girl that looks really skinny and healthy…but most likely no better off.I do prefer water over soda. See, I am trying. Does that count for something?Glad I found your blog. Hoping you’ll inspire me a little. 🙂


  5. everyone i know who took a trip to europe ate heartily and still lost weight…i think that their food is less processed and the walking culture helps us americans. glad you had fun, and stayed fit!


  6. you seriously are my health guru larissa, haha. but i definitely agree that drinking lots of water and walking as much as possible are some of the easiest/best practices for vacation (unless you’re in mexico, haha).


  7. These are good tips…BUT. When I’m traveling, especially somewhere with really good food, I have to let myself indulge. It’s part of being on vacation! I just try to walk a lot to make up for it.


  8. Great tips! We're usually pretty good about trying to stay active on vacations. However, the most disastrous & gluttonous vacation I've ever taken was a cruise to Alaska. Too much food and not enough movement. I think I gained 10-15 lbs in a week!


  9. I am there with you on the water. It’s the best thing for feeling fantastic I think. I am obsessed I drink so much everday it’s my favourite.


  10. Loving this! When I lived in Europe, I lost A LOT of weight simply because I walked everywhere and drank lots and lots of water daily.It’s awesome, isn’t it?I’m happy that your trip didn’t trip up your healthy lifestyle!


  11. Welcome back! I respect your discipline with eating healthy while being gone for a month. But I don’t know if I could do it. Abner and I are hoping to go to Italy and Greece next year, and I know I won’t go again for a long time. More than anything, I want to take it all in, and the food and wine seem to be such a part of this. Were you able to really enjoy how great all the food was while still eating healthy? I think I’m more prone to “chasingparadise’s” strategy of going for it on vacation, and then adjusting back into a healthy routine when I get home. Any thoughts? ~Molly


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