Greetings from Europe!

Our trip has been wonderful and adventurous, filled with lots of great food, sightseeing, and sleeping in. I’m currently writing from beside a swimming pool in Costa del Sol, Spain.

This will be a quick post because Steve and I have the ambitious plans of getting some sun at the beach, and then enjoying churros y chocolate at our new favorite joint in a nearby town. It’s a hard life here.

For now, here are a few photos of our London experiences:

We stood in front of Big Ben! And on a gloomy, overcast day, no less. Really, how much more London can you get? While on a self-guided walking tour of the city, we also visited Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park, the Thames, and Tower Bridge.

Riding public transportation around the city was great – simple, accessible and quick.

We also had a good laugh whenever the woman’s voice on the loudspeaker told everyone to “Mind the gap.” This, among other phrases stated in a strong British accent, has become stuck in our vocabulary. One of us will say something that sounds like a strange mix of Cockney, Irish, and a screechy-voiced witch villain straight out of a cartoon, and then we will both burst into a raucous laughter. Quite embarrassing, really.

Yes, we just HAD to be the annoying tourists who pretend to use the phone booth simply for a photo opportunity.

Westminster Abbey – primarily known to Americans (and by “Americans,” I mean me) as the place where Chandler and Joey have a squabble during the Season Four finale of Friends. And also a key location in Da Vinci Code. I know, I should probably brush up on things like actual world events and geography.

And finally, the number one thing we wanted to accomplish while in London – have a beer in a British pub! We went the full mile, and ordered fish and chips, and steak and potato pie. The food was delicious, but the beer was a little bland and warm. Maybe that’s just the way it’s done in the UK? Still, it was a perfect way to end our trip to London.

More to come on our time in Spain. Cheers.

25 thoughts on “Greetings from Europe!

  1. Looks like a great trip so far! At least you didn’t do the typical Harry Potter fan thing and take a picture at King’s Cross. That’s what I would have done 🙂


  2. Looks like an amazing trip so far! No worries, I think every tourist needs to take the photo booth picture.Um, how are you affording everything over there? Maybe the Dollar will miraculously heal itself while you’re there 🙂


  3. I know, I got such a kick out of the various accents there–the flight attendants made me giggle.I love how multicultural London is–the rest of Europe seems pretty homogeneous, yet so varied country to country. I love your photos. You guys seem so happy. Doing the goofy tourist stuff is the best! I made my travel partner pose like a hunchback with me in front of Notre Dome. Can’t wait to hear about Spain! Thanks for including the rest of us in your fabulous time.


  4. I’ve only been to Italia, so reading about this makes me smile and want to go over there SO BAD. I hope y’all are having an incredible time (I mean, who wouldn’t?)! Keep us updated on your adventures!


  5. I’m super jealous right now. Half of my family is in Europe while I am at home and working every day 😦Keep up the posts, b/c I love to see what you’re doing over there.


  6. Wait one minute….I just realized that you are in Spain and they just one the Euro Cup! I can’t wait to hear about this experience. I hope you don’t get trampled. It was a great game…


  7. i would have said the same thing about the abbey, haha. i associate with movies and tv way more than actual history, haha.glad you guys are having such a great trip! can’t wait to hear about spain!


  8. Hey, I just found your blog and I really enjoy it.Glad to hear your having fun! (I have a cousin Laurissa also in Europe now, just a random coincidence)Anyways, adding to my morning reader. 🙂


  9. L- I love your pictures!! I hope you had the best time (and still are if you are still in Europe)! Post more about it when you return! I still owe the blogging community Italy stories. I’ve been a horrible blogger as of late!Also post more pictures if you can! I love seeing them 🙂


  10. It looks like you’re having a great time! I’m tres jealous. And I love how the phone booth looks exactly like they do on tv and the movies.


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