Summer Break, Baby!

I think I’ve literally sent over thirty emails today. Is that normal?

My eyes hurt from staring at my laptop screen, my back hurts from being hunched over as I type, and all my brain can concentrate on is the purpose for all of this butt-busting work. I am urgently trying to finish up loads of tasks for one main reason: SUMMER BREAK. That’s right. I get to do all sorts of fun things this summer, which means that this week I am practicing the discipline of delayed gratification, and attempting to tie up loose ends before the fun begins.

Before I describe the items o’ fun to you, let me first say, don’t you wish you had my job? I’ll bet many of you are thinking, man, I really should have gone into the college pastor field. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Okay, so the summer plans. Here goes.

  • Fun Thing #1: five-day trip to Catalina Island. Steve and I actually go there a lot, but it still counts as a fun thing. We’ll be there with friends, basking in the warm sun, and enjoying lovely things that are hard to come by here in Los Angeles, such as clean air, trees, and visible stars.
  • Fun Thing #2: my brother’s wedding. My younger brother and his fiancee are planning an outdoor wedding with the coolest reception ever. Don’t believe me? It’s going to include classic BBQ grub, athletic gear and Rock Band. I get to be a bridesmaid (or is it now bridesmatron since I’m married?), and wear a lovely yellow summer dress.
  • Fun Thing #3: month-long trip to Europe. Yep, you read correctly…a month. Steve and I will be visiting England, Italy and Spain. Some of the trip is work-related, some will be vacation. All of it will be awesome. I have been dreaming about visiting Europe for years, and am delirious with excitement and anticipation for all our adventures. Pictures and tales will follow, I promise.

So for the next few weeks I will be hard at work. And trying to decide what to do with the blog while I’m away (guest-posts? advance posts? blog from Europe?). And purchasing some new post-weight-loss clothes (because a baggy swimsuit is just wrong).

21 thoughts on “Summer Break, Baby!

  1. I LOVE Spain! The UK i could do without…lol (3 years there was wayyyy more than enough!) And Italy will be fantastic! I’ve only been to Florence there though, I wanna go back and go to Rome and Venice and Milan. 🙂Sounds like you have an amazing summer ahead!!


  2. Your summer sounds fantastic!!I went to Italy this past year and it’s gorgeous. Treat yourself to gelato…at least seven times. Also, a wedding with BBQ and Rock Band? Best wedding ever!


  3. How exciting Lariss. These experiences will stay with you forever. And how fun to travel with the love of your life. The way the light hits things in Italy makes it look rather magical. Live it up!


  4. Summer break, oh how I miss it! I spent a month in Italy a few years back, and it was SO worth it. Have a marvelous time! Take lots of pictures … speaking now for those of us with boring year-round jobs, we’d LOVE to live vicariously through your adventures 🙂


  5. You will have so much fun on your trip to Europe!! The food in Spain and Italy is FANTASTIC – England, not so much, but of course there’s plenty to do and see there (and no language barrier). Your summer sounds completely awesome and yes, I do wish I had your job.


  6. everyone’s going to europe!i just started reading your blog and i like it! have fun on your summer vacation =) it’d be sad if you don’t update your blog.


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