Extra Extra: The Word of the Day is Muffin Top

  • My husband learned a new word today! When Steve put on some board shorts that happened to be a bit too small, I made the comment, “You’ve definitely got some Muffin Top.” “What’s that?” he asked. I then proceeded to show him this. I felt proud to have educated my extremely literate husband on such a valuable vocabulary term. He then went for a jog.
  • Last chance to enter the Great Coloring Book Giveaway! All it takes is writing about your dream vacation in a comment by 12pm PST tonight. Hurry…what are you waiting for? Check back tomorrow for the winner!
  • Have you visited Tastespotting yet? It’s like Disneyland for foodies in Internetville. Beautiful photos and links to mouth-watering recipes on all sorts of great food blogs. You can find a few of my recipes there – just go here, or type “Larissa” in the search bar.
  • It is a whopping NINETY-EIGHT degrees in Los Angeles today. Which makes our sauna of a house oh, about two-hundred billion degrees inside. We would probably be making pina coladas right now, but that wouldn’t really help the Muffin Top problem now, would it?

15 thoughts on “Extra Extra: The Word of the Day is Muffin Top

  1. So. Funny. I’m also bookmarking tastespotting. Do you know how fabulous and domestic you are, and how I want to be just like you one day? It’s true : )


  2. Hey, thanks for the comment babe.Listen, I am very motivated so if you do want any help with exercise etc, just email me. I don’t mind sharing the stuff that coach emailed to me!S X


  3. I’m so winning the contest. Watch, you’ll see! 😉 heehee!Glad you could teach your man some new vocab – I love teaching guys random girly phrases that they’d never know otherwise! Like random makeup products, for example. haha


  4. Muffin top…ugh! lol I’m thinking that ith 98 degrees, a sauna (well not in your house!) would help melt away…any muffin top problem.


  5. Your husband owes you for teaching him that. But I clicked on the link and have to say- I think I would go lay down in traffic if the entry to ‘muffin top’ showed my picture.For real.


  6. i didn’t know what a muffin top was either. thanks for keeping me current, larissa. and steve, wow…sorry about having a little muffin top. are you bringing those boardshorts to catalina?


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