I Dedicate This Blog to…

I am intrigued by authors’ dedications. Whenever I pick up a book, I immediately turn a few pages, and find those few lines that sum up who the author deems worthy of honoring. It’s such a beautiful, timeless way to thank and bless the person or people in one’s life.

Though I don’t have a book (maybe someday!), I do have this blog. I’ve been thinking about who was deserving of a dedication of this blog. Who would I thank? Who would I attribute this blog to? The answer came easily. There is one person in my life who has shaped me more than any other thus far. One person who really does embody the characteristics of this blog. So here is my dedication:

To my mother, Terry.
A woman of courage, humility, compassion,
and many other qualities of indefinable worth.

How about you? Who would you honor with a dedication?

15 thoughts on “I Dedicate This Blog to…

  1. What a great idea!!I hate to be such a copycat, but I would have to dedicate mine to my mother as well. Except I’d probably add in my dad too, since he always encouraged me to keep writing and they both made me believe I had some actual talent 🙂


  2. my dad, who still lights up when i walk in the room. (just like my big Dad.)great question!i would have to write another book and dedicate it to my husband because he is super awesome.


  3. What a great dedication! Parents do so much to inspire and instill confidence in us as we branch out. I love the way you phrased this.


  4. I always look forward to dedications at the beginning of books, and your dedication is SO sweet. Also, that photo is totally cute!


  5. That is such a sweet photo.I actually had a dedication page for my bound copy of my Masters thesis. It was nice to be able to genuinely thank those who had helped me along the way, though you can’t get too sappy in a thesis!


  6. My mom’s name is Terri! haha just had to say that…that was a beautiful dedication 😀I don’t know who i’d dedicate a book to. My parents, as much as they love me, have never really been that supportive of my writing. Maybe my lil sis? She always said she loved reading my stories when we were younger 🙂


  7. Your mom is such a nice lady. I always thought she’d make a good TV mom–patient, kind, supportive parent, nice voice, and pretty.


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