A Weekend at Home Means…

Weekend At Home - Polyvore

Before you begin thinking that my upcoming weekend seems like it might be a bit boring, you should know that I have goals for the next few days. Ambitious and noble goals. Said goals include:
  1. Watch last night’s episode of The Office (thank you, TiVo!).
  2. Find a freebie couch on craigslist for our front porch.
  3. Beat Steve at Mario Kart Wii. We rented it yesterday, and it’s everything I dreamed it would be.
  4. Decide what the heck to do with my hair. Leave it? Cut it? This is a major decision that has been giving me hours of anxiety, people.
  5. Clean my closet, the kitchen, the carpet, and my Gmail inbox. I love Spring Cleaning!

With lots of perseverance and drive, I believe that I can accomplish these things, and stand victorious.

What are your goals for the weekend?

15 thoughts on “A Weekend at Home Means…

  1. Oooh, good idea for a blog. I might have to use this (and link to yours, of course!)…Hair cuts… I’m so glad I’m not the only one that gets stressed over it! It’s seriously a big deal when I get one. I bring in about 15 example pictures from every angle for the stylist, so she’ll maybe get it right this time. hahaHave fun watching The Office. It was good. 🙂


  2. I think my weekend will be just as exciting. I’m helping my dad pick out a gift for my mom (mothers day and all), cleaning my house, and watching the Grey’s Anatomy from last night.Hooray for an easy weekend!


  3. How did ya do?Did ya beat him at Mario?I need to rent one too, my experience with one was limited, but it was just enough to get hooked.


  4. omg i never even thought about breaking out the dyson after a couple glasses of red wine! (which is the first thing that came to my mind with your post’s picture!!!)


  5. We really could use a new couch out there, so I’m glad you are looking for one… All these warm summer nights and no way to people-watch from the porch!


  6. my weekend was verrrry similar. take down summer clothes was at the top of the list and watch the whole season 1 of the tudors was #2. both accomplished! great weekend haha.


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