Extra Extra: Free Ice Cream and Other Little Joys

  • Happy Free Ice Cream Day! If you like ice cream and free stuff (and truly, who doesn’t?), head on over to your nearest Ben & Jerry’s. Today is the annual Customer Appreciation Day at the fabulously hippie ice creamery. Free scoops of cold, creamy goodness for everyone! By the way, while we’re talking about Ben & Jerry’s, I have a bone to pick with those guys. They used to have a flavor called Pulp Addiction (does anyone else remember that?). It was a delicious blend of creamy orange ice cream and chocolate-orange ice cream with a splash of orange-flavored brandy liqueur. I ate it throughout my freshman year of college, and then it was sadly discontinued. Bring back Pulp Addiction, Ben and Jerry! It tasted far better than that nasty Phish Food ever did!
  • I received my first ever blog award! In case you haven’t realized, bloggers have a wonderful little community in which we love to shower each other with affirmation and accolades – awards like this make a blogger’s day. Thank you to Clueless Cat at Twentysomething and Clueless for the award! Stop by her blog and say hello – she’s splendid! In return, I present this award to (wait for it…) everyone on my blogroll! Seriously, go peruse the list for yourself. Every single blog there is awesome.

  • I also received a Bloggers Choice Award nomination from the crazy, cool (and fellow LA blogger) Margot at marGOt To Bed. She graciously nominated me for Best Food Blog. I feel so honored! Go vote for me here. Maybe I’ll end up with more than two (you guessed it…from myself and my husband) votes.
My site was nominated for Best Food Blog!

18 thoughts on “Extra Extra: Free Ice Cream and Other Little Joys

  1. ohh mannn….there was a free “gift” of Ben & Jerry’s today on Facebook and now I understand why…if only I would have read your blog earlier today! Bummer!But thanks for making things make sense, if that makes any sense.


  2. I’m so sad I had to miss out on free cone day. I wasn’t feeling very well today. Of all days! Boo. But I hope everyone who got to partake enjoyed the yumminess.And congratulations on the award and nomination!


  3. I’m so sad Hong Kong didn’t have free cone day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hope you had delish ice cream! My personal fave B&J’s is Half Baked – YUMMM. heeheeThanks for the shoutout, and you totally deserve the awards (plural)!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. OMG Pulp Addiction was my absolute favoritest ever and I too was sooooo sad when it was gone. My other favorite now in the B&J’s graveyard is Dilbert’s World Totally Nuts…butter almond ice cream with hazelnuts, praline peacans and almonds.


  5. Consider yourself voted for!! And oh, how I wish I knew about this whole Ben & Jerry’s thing yesterday! Not that I even know where one is, but still, I could have figured it out! Oh well, maybe next year.


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