Date Day & Counting Crows

These fellas make for a great date.

Steve and I have Date Day once a week.

Most married couple-y friends of ours also have regular dates with their spouses, which is great, in my opinion. “Hey! You can keep the fire burnin’ post-wedding! Who knew?!” For us, these times are extremely valuable. When you and your spouse share the same job and workspace, it is absolutely vital to schedule consistent time to connect, minus the thinking and talking about work.

Date Day will be anything from trying a new restaurant, to walking around one of our favorite areas in the city, to staying at home and watching Heroes on Netflix’s Instant Viewing (have you Netflix-ers tried this yet? ADDICTING.). They are always fun, and remind me why I love love love being married to Steve.

To be honest, though, no other Date Day compares with yesterday.

Yesterday, we went to the Grove for a free Counting Crows concert. Free concerts can often be sort of lame, but this one was amazing. The band played a long set, which included some new stuff from their just-released album, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, and some of their older classics. Interspersed between songs, Adam Duritz (whose dreads were all I had imagined them to be) took the time to talk about their new album, and do some q & a with the audience.

It was my first time seeing Counting Crows live, and it was grand, I tell ya. Don’t get me wrong, any date with my wonderful husband is fantastic. But him AND the Grove AND the Counting Crows?! Splendiferous and scrumtrillescent.

And yes, I am aware that those are not real words.

Hope your weekend is also splendiferous and scrumtrillescent!

21 thoughts on “Date Day & Counting Crows

  1. Sounds like a fabulous date. I’ve seen the CC perform before and they were pretty great. And ummm I thought I was the only person that said splendiferous?!?! I officially heart you 🙂


  2. Free? You cannot beat that!And yes, you can keep the fires burning, tell it girl! And I am ADDICTED to instant viewing as well!Have a great weekend!


  3. Ooh, I LOVE Counting Crows. That’s so awesome you got to see them for free! I love the (yes, made-up) word “scrumtrillescent” – good ol’ Will Ferrell!


  4. Date days are fantastic, and it’s great–enviable, really–that you have them so regularly! This sounds like an absolutely amazing and indeed splendiferous way to start the weekend. Hope the rest of it lived up to the prelude!


  5. What a great date!!Also, the Netflix view-it-now is amazing–now we share our membership with AS’s brother and his girlfriend. Pretty cheap split four ways.


  6. That sounds like a fabulous date night! And the Counting Crows? They were my fave in high school, and I’m so excited they have a new album. I’ve seen them in concert twice, and they were amazing both times. I’m happy to hear they’re still rocking out.Isn’t Adam just amazing, even if he is a little creepy?


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