Extra Extra: Adios, Winter

  • Spring is here! I know, the first day of Spring was actually last week on March 20th, but now it is actually beginning to feel like Spring. At least in Southern California. I have officially stored away the winter clothes, and released my warm weather items from hibernation – tank tops, shirts, dresses, slippers (or what you non-Hawaiians oddly refer to as “flip flops”), sunglasses. It’s been a lovely, sun-filled week, and I’ve been finding all sorts of excuses to walk around outside just to take it in.
  • I’ve also been spending lots of quality time this week with the sewing machine. Partly it’s because I needed to hem and take-in most of my clothes (the one minor downside to losing weight). But mostly it was to make a dress, which I’ll post about later.
    Yes, I sewed a dress. I am that cool.
  • In the last 24 hours, I have injured myself three different times. First, I was moving our portable washing machine, and ran it over my foot, creating a huge gash in my toe. Then I sliced my finger while chopping onions for dinner. Then I cut open my other foot when I dropped a table onto it. Sighhh. I think I need to just sit down and watch Top Chef reruns for the rest of the day before I accidentally give myself a concussion or something.
  • Speaking of Top Chef…holy moly, that is the best show EVER. I just discovered it during my hour at the gym (aka Trashy TV Time). I know everyone else is probably way more into American Idol and Project Runway these days, but competitive cooking…who knew?!
  • This weekend we’re going to take a trip with Steve’s sister and brother-in-law to Las Vegas. My husband has a gift for finding crazy-awesome vacation deals, and found a way for us to go for uber cheap. I can already smell the cigarettes and complimentary cocktails. Send me some good poker vibes!

31 thoughts on “Extra Extra: Adios, Winter

  1. IT snowed here today. No joke! But fingers crossed winter ends soon. As for Vegas, have the GREATEST time! Sigh. Can you fit me in your suitcase? I want to go back!Also, the best drink I had- at Fat Tuesdays in the mall attached to Planet Hollywood- half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri. Heaven!


  2. With it being an injury-prone day, I would recommend staying away from steep cliff for the time being. I think your winter would be our spring. So, I’m going to say that it’s officially summer there.I hope you post pictures of the dress!


  3. Hooray for warm weather clothes and sewing new things AND Top Chef. I absolutely adore that show and all of its competativeness.Good luck in Vegas this weekend!


  4. Look at that color! It’s like – KAPOW! to my eyeballs and I love it.Regarding your comment on the scraps: want me to send you a bag? πŸ˜† I still can’t get over them, but will try an angel cookie recipe that a reader shared with me!


  5. Slippers, dresses, and tank tops are still lightyears away for those of us on this cold east coast 😦 Can’t wait for warmer weather. Oh, and I totally agree, I love Top Chef!


  6. I am so jealous… here in Canada the weather takes a little longer to get nicer. And by that I mean, it snowed on Tuesday. Have a great time in Vegas, and post pics of that dress! (Very jealous that you actually MADE one!!)


  7. Oooh Vegas ….. U should have a ball …..Ha ha haI’m sewing and makeing trousers at school! Its sooooo hard! Have u done it before? And what couler is the dress?Libbixx


  8. that’s so funny- i just watched Top Chef this weekend for the first time and LOVED IT! While i’m not sure what night its on, i’m sure going to sit through a marathon of eps whenever its on πŸ™‚ one guy looks like a red headed Ryan Gosling.. lol


  9. You should see it here . . . within one week, we went from totally brown and dead to highlights of green laced through the tree lines and through the grass . . . the wheat is growing like mad and looks like a golf course. Right now there’s this grey, foggy mist rolling along the field across the street.The reason that Top Chef and Project Runway are so great is that the competitors are insanely skilled <>and<> they produce something tangible with their skill. American Idol and America’s Next Top Model might have some level of talent, but they don’t produce something; their talent doesn’t translate to skill or creativity so much as interpretation. Or at least that’s why PR and TC draw me in.


  10. Wow, you made a dress?? And an apron?? I wish I knew how to make things…lol Have fun in Vegas! I’m so jealous πŸ™‚


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