Pillowcase Apron

What do you get when you combine an old Ikea pillowcase, a sewing machine, some ribbon, and a few hours of free time?

An apron for the fashion-savvy housewife! I call this number “Hipster Mod for the Kitchen Broad.” Cook with flair! Cook with attitude!

The project took about two hours from start to finish, and I was quite pleased with the result. So pleased, in fact, that I wore it around the house for a few hours. And I wasn’t even cooking. The apron joins my ever-growing collection of reconstructed sewing projects – like this skirt-turned-top, this long-sleeved-shirt-turned-halter-top and this dish-towel-turned-hand-bag.

I would have posted some instructions, but I actually made it up as I went. Because, quite frankly, working with patterns annoys me. Seriously, one can handle only so much cutting and pinning and measuring before one’s head explodes.

Also, I still have the other half of the pillowcase, so I might make another apron at some point in the near future. Could a contest giveaway on the blog be coming in the near future??? Quite possibly!

Farewell until next time, dear readers. I’m going to go prance around in my apron some more.

34 thoughts on “Pillowcase Apron

  1. Add a pair of <>black<> stilettos to that little red number and ditch the top and jeans. Then when hubby comes home….”Honey! Do I have a <>surprise<> for you!”Have a great Easter weekend!p.s. smartphone is totally missing the point. kikikikikiki!


  2. Oh I love that! It is TRES fabulous. I totally can’t sew. That apron really makes me wish that I could. J’adore.I would most definitely be up for a giveaway for one of those numbers! Fo sho.


  3. So cute! And fantastically creative. I’m with you on the patterns, too; sometimes you’ve really just got to go with it, and bag all those tissuey templates.


  4. Smartphone – sorry, I had to delete you because you were annoying me.Margotobed – that is SUCH a great idea!Aunty Julee – I’m not sure if the apron is really Steve’s color. He’s more of a “Spring.”


  5. WOW!!!! I am utterly dumbfounded with your sewing ability. I don’t even think I could sew a pillowcase. I would love to learn… any ideas how to do so? I don’t need to be FEIRCE, but a pillow case would be cool to make 🙂


  6. Good job on the apron! My sewing machine is up in my attic collecting dust. Yet another one of those things that I want to get into when I’m done school/have more space.


  7. I am amazed! That is such a cute apron!I wish I could make things… I just really don’t have the talent for it. Mine would end up sewed together, crooked. Just horrible. You’ve got a great talent! 🙂


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