Celebrating My Irish Culture

Yes, you read that correctly. My Irish culture. Since I am now married to a part-Irish man, I’ve decided to claim Irish heritage as my own this year. Which means I get to spend this weekend

cooking this…
and drinking this…
and wearing this…
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!* Hope your weekend is magnificent.

*in the best Irish accent a Chinese, honorary-Irish woman can muster

18 thoughts on “Celebrating My Irish Culture

  1. Grrrrr….another year where I’ll have to miss out on corned beef and cabbage (they just do NOT sell corned beef here!) but I can at least stick the Guinness in the fridge and make a bunch of oven-baked fries to go with my miso fish. Heehee…talk about culinary culture clash!! Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!


  2. I love Ireland, and I love St. Patty’s Day, but I just cannot love Guinness or cabbage! But it looks like you did a great job celebrating your honorary heritage 🙂


  3. That was seriously the best corned beef and cabbage this (partially-) irish man has ever had. Also, irish car bombs tonight to finish st patrick’s day right.Guinness just gets better and better the more I drink it.


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