The Girlfriends Every Woman Needs

Me & Katy, circa 1990. Only a true friend would stand by that.

I had a lovely time this weekend, with lots of time spent with friends. Steve happened to be out of town doing some guy bonding (i.e. camping and manual labor). So I had a free weekend with the girls, which included morning brunch, shopping for bridesmaid dresses for my brother’s upcoming wedding, a dinner party, and afternoon tea. It really doesn’t get any girlier than that, does it?

All this extended time with friends got me thinking about how much I value relationships with other women in my life. I have some wonderful friends who’ve helped me survive everything in life, from unfortunate fashion choices to work tribulations to relationship crisis. While these friends have been many things to me, there are also unique roles that each has played in my life, which are worthy of mention.

Let me introduce my posse to you.

  • Lifelong Friend: I met Katy on the first day of third grade. From that day on, we were inseparable. Together, we had secret code words, began our own Baby-sitter’s Club, schemed to get our siblings to marry each other so we could literally become sisters, and passed hundreds of notes in class. Katy saw me through the bottle-cap glasses days, and was still my loyal BFF. She has stuck with me through thick and thin, and even 20+ years later and states apart, we can still chatter on the phone for hours.
  • Shopping & Fashion Pal: My friend (and soon-to-be sister-in-law!) Seisha is the best person to shop with. She has impeccable taste, and will honestly tell me if those jeans make my butt look big. She constantly knows what’s in style, and will freely let me borrow anything from her massive collection of clothes and accessories. Seisha was also the only person I trusted to do my hair and makeup on my wedding day.
  • Confidante: I actually have two of these – Natasha and Jeanne. These gals know all of my secrets, and are there with me in all my ugly moments. They are the first friends I call when a crisis hits (like the day I broke up with my college boyfriend), and when there’s something worth celebrating. We swap marriage stories and work frustrations, and I know I can trust them with anything.
  • Wise Sage: Whenever I have a big life question, my first instinct is to go to Chante. She is only a few years older than me, but has discernment far beyond her experience. I will find myself stressed out about a situation, and after a five-minute conversation with her, I’ll have all the clarity in the world. Whatever the problem at hand, Chante always has valuable perspective and insights.
  • Really-Gets-Me Friend: Cathy and I are in similar seasons of life – newly married, adjusting to adulthood, and figuring out what we want to do with our lives. I know that I can share some of my deepest questions and dreams, and that Cathy will truly relate. Her uncanny ability to know when to dish advice or to simply listen makes her an indispensable friend that I want to share everything with.

Other important girlfriends I couldn’t live without: Fitness Buddy, Television Show Companion, Hairstylist, Party Pal, Work Partner, Gynecologist

What friend has played a significant role in your life?

13 thoughts on “The Girlfriends Every Woman Needs

  1. I totally had a babysitters club with my elementary school friends, too! Fun times. I wish I had stayed as close with them as you. Thank goodness for e-mail, though, right? Unfortunately most of my dearest friends live far away; time and moves and school have really scattered us, but we still manage to keep in touch.


  2. How very lovely!!I have some wonderful female friendships, but the ones that really stand out are the ones I have with my sister, mom, lifelong BFF, and travel buddy. They’re all such amazing women who have kept me sane through some really ugly times, and celebrated with me through the wonderful times!


  3. What a great group of girlfriends you have! I’m especially jealous that you’re still so close to your childhood BFF. My childhood best friend and I are still friends (our parents are also close), but our friendship hasn’t really grown into adulthood. I still love her, though!


  4. That is still how I picture you and Katy! My little Kula cuties.Your post made me feel weepy (in a good way).I am really happy for you. I am a girls girl and I certainly miss having drop-everything-lets-go-do-this girls. Is this part of growing up? I am glad you are still in my life and I look forward to reconnecting (in person) before too long!


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