$20 Chinese Massage

The other day I had a brand new experience. I received a full body massage.

Prior to this, I had never come across the opportunity to do so. Also, I figured that spending a hundred dollars on a massage (which I can receive from my spouse for the lovely price of FREE) was just so not worth it.

But my friend wanted to introduce me to “her place.” Which, in girl-speak, means: you are a good friend, and I love you, so I’m letting you in on my little secret ________ (fill in the blank with hairdresser, discount brand-name shoe store, etc.). These are very intimate moments within the sisterhood, believe me. She promised that I would love it. She had previously converted another friend, so the three of us went together.

The place was run entirely by Chinese people, and had the ambiance of my grandma’s house. Big comfy chairs, zen-type plants and wall hangings, hot Jasmine tea. The service was quick, and I was soon assigned to a 40-year old woman who immediately got to work on my sore muscles.

OH. MAN. It was heaven. The angels singing, clouds parting kind of heaven. While my feet soaked in hot water, she massaged my neck, shoulders and back. Then she moved to my head, arms, legs. I had just had an intense workout at the gym that morning, and apparently had tight muscles everywhere. My woman kept making “ohh” and “uhh” noises as she massaged me, as if to convey her shock that someone with this amount of knots didn’t come see her on a weekly basis. The best part, though, was the foot massage. She placed hot towels on my legs and feet, and worked on them for a glorious fifteen minutes. By the end, muscles I didn’t know existed in my body felt wonderful and relaxed.

And the best part? The entire experience cost me $20 (including tip). Steve was so envious, that we decided to go again today. Saturdays are our date day, so we decided on Chinese massages and dim sum for lunch.

Go find your own cheap Chinese massage place.* I highly recommend it.

*Oh man, am I going to get all sorts of weird hits from people googling Chinese massage now?

29 thoughts on “$20 Chinese Massage

  1. i will definitely try to do this soon- b/c i’m usually a cheapo who only does something where you can see actually results (aka manicure, eyebrow waxing, etc).. i hear massages are unbelievable but I’ve never gotten one. sounds like they are totally worth it


  2. No one is a believer until they receive one. It is an amazing experience, and you’re never really aware of all the muscles that could be sore until after one.If you can get a good massage for a great price it’s well worth it – it’s even worth it if you can find a great massage therapist for whatever’s average in you’re area. You’ll be surprised, too, if you get them regularly, how great you’ll begin to feel on a regular basis.Okay, I’m going to stop being a saleswoman now!Congrats on such a great experience – and for such a great price too!


  3. I too, have a similar place for my facial. It’s great that since two of my aunts are partners at the little establishment, we get family discounts.


  4. Sounds glorious. I want one! I paid a $20 cover fee to hang out in the spa at the Weston on Maui when friends were staying there in Dec. I boiled and then steamed myself and then lied in a lounge chair in a robe, drank lavender tea as I watched the waves. It was bliss. Cristina was always telling me how wonderful (and unforgettable) her experiences hanging out at the Korean spa were(also in L.A. and also very cheap).


  5. OMG I know right? They are sooo delicious! I was once treated to a fbm by a friend for my birthday and I almost died from pleasure! When she got to my back I was half asleep.


  6. Umm, yes. You are most def going to get some weird ass traffic, lady. hee hee.Also, this sounds like heaven. There again, I must also agree with your point that a massage from the significant other is also enjoyable for the lovely price of free. finally, your new masthead = very purty.that is all. happy monday!


  7. Hhaha … good luck with the google traffic. I usually go over to China from HK just for massages. They have this mind bending Spa’s and they give such fantastic treatments i cant even begin to tell you. Its really an experience.


  8. Oh goodness I’m so jealous, sounds ideal. Oh ‘n you’re so right about that whole “letting a friend in on your secret” as being a very special thing lol. It made me laugh, but it’s so true. Well congrats on finding a great massage place… now I have to find one for myself, it just sounds too good to pass up.


  9. is it weird that i thought this was going to end with you running out in your towel going “happy ending what? no thank you!”haha but $20 massage sounds rad. i need one so bad!!!


  10. OMG! That did sound heavenly! LOL I am sooo needing a massage. Maybe for Mother’s Day I’ll hint around for hubby to buy me a package at our local spa. But unfortunately, no Chinese Massage places here.


  11. What is this place? I don’t exactly know what’s the difference between a Chinese massage and the Swedish kind, but for $20, I’m willing to find out!


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