La Ciudad de México

Hola. Me llamo Larissa.

Steve and I just got back from spending five days in Mexico City for some work-related training. Yes, my job occasionally sends me to lovely and exotic places. Jealous?

It was my first time there, and I was thrilled to revisit my youth and practice the Spanish phrases that Sesame Street taught me through catchy songs. Poor Steve (whose Spanish is quite excellent) had to put up with my endless questions. What does that sign say? What is she talking about? How do I say “another shot of tequila, please”?

I mostly picked up the important words: torta (the best sandwiches you’ll ever eat), liquidos de fresa (strawberry and milk smoothie), and of course, cerveza (beer). I could have stayed just for the food alone.

The people, culture, and entire experience was wonderful, and I wish we could have visited longer. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

More photos from the trip here. Adios.

28 thoughts on “La Ciudad de México

  1. Oh looks like so much fun! I’m mega-jealous.Also, just so you know, I will not allow your love to plateau although that is NOT my favorite candy. 😦


  2. Wow, second post in a row to make me jealous! It looks like you had a great time. I don’t know what it is about me when I travel, but it seems like I always come back talking about the food more than anything else 🙂


  3. Ok so you got to go there for work?? Like most commenters on this post, I too am jealous. It looks like an amazing time. Mexican culture and FOOD are just fabulous. The people are so welcoming, so friendly, and so genuine. The pictures are wonderful as well. I totally wanted to jump into them!


  4. Mexico for work?? I’m jealous. I think the only field trip I get to go on this year is to the water treatment center.It looks like you had a good time, fantastic pictures!!


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