My Extreme Makeover

The Larissa Monologues got a new look! *thunderous applause*

The new design was essentially a birthday present to myself, and I’m so thrilled with it. The colors, the header, the buttons…I just want to stare at it all day long and revel in its beauty.

Everything was designed by the fabulously talented Jess (The Tattooed Mama) at Cuppycake Designs. She is wonderful to work with – she’s professional, patient, and has a high value for creating a unique blog design that fits her clients’ desires. Go check her out right now!

24 thoughts on “My Extreme Makeover

  1. I’m applauding! I’m applauding! I like the fresh new look. Arghhh..if it were possible to just “hop on over”, I’d bring a plate of carnevale sweets as a sort of housewarming gift in light of your new home!


  2. Hi Lariss, your blog certainly looks sophisticated (though I’m not sure I recall what it looked like before–I mostly read your blog as e-mails). I’m impressed with how well you’ve kept up with your blogging.


  3. Congrats on the spiffy new blog! RE: your comment on clothes for dogs, I too find it unspeakably cruel. But for some reason, the JCrew dog clothes don’t look nearly as restricting and uncomfortable for the dogs. That puppy looks happy and downright cozy in that rugby!


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