Black is the New Mac

Hey, friends. I’m feeling a thousand billion times better. Thanks for all the well wishes and birthday love!

And I have a new toy. Well, we have a new toy. I think when you get married you’re supposed to like, share stuff or something. In fact, I generously shared my flu with Steve just this past week. I’m the best wife ever.

Anyway, we purchased a hot little black Macbook today (because we’re rabid Apple fans), and I’ve been playing with it all evening. Here’s where I’d give you all the specs, but I don’t know what the specs are. All I know is “Look, so pretty!”

22 thoughts on “Black is the New Mac

  1. I, too, love everything apple! I also read your iPhone post just now, and I am just DYING for the 2nd generation to come out. I carry a PDA and a phone with me almost all the time, and I’d love to combine the two, plus have email on the go! Am now thinking about getting the red blackberry pearl for the meantime, but it’s kinda expensive if i buy it now and then get the 2nd gen iphone in the same year. haha Ahh, what to do!Anyway, enjoy your macbook! I have the white one 🙂 Totally ❤ macs!!


  2. Niiiiiice! Glad to hear that you’re feeling better and also wanted to tell you that the fennel-crusted pork roast was AWESOME! I even put in an apple to up our fruit intake. 😉


  3. This is the second post in a row on my google reader about someone buying a MacBook! No joke!I will say, mine is the BEST purchase I have ever made. You will have no regrets! Seriously. I love it so much!


  4. I bought my Macbook a couple of months ago and love it! There have been a couple of hiccups and I adjust to the Apple way of doing things after years and years of PC habits, but overall it’s been fabulous!


  5. The conversion from PC to Macs highlights a generational shift of our time. Kind of like the presidential elections. Hmmm… I almost see a campaign TV spot in the making… Barack Obama: Hi, I’m a MacHillary Clinton: And I’m a PC[pithy comments about how sad the PC is because they are boring and all about productivity]


  6. “In fact, I generously shared my flu with Steve just this past week.”LOL!Oooh…pretty. Sometimes I wish I would’ve payed the extra for the black. My white MacBook is starting to look pretty dingy.


  7. Okay, I know this happened like a week ago, but I am just now catching up on blogs. AHHHH! I love your new computer and am SO jealous!! I am totally addicted to all things Mac.


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