Aging Like a Fine Wine

Wheeeee! I’m twenty-seven today.

To celebrate this spectacular day, I spent the day groggily wrapped up in my comforter. That’s right – not only am I still horrendously sick with the flu, but SOMEONE decided to give me pink eye for my birthday. Thanks for that, Disease Gods, or little boy who touched the grocery cart before I did, or whoever you are. It made for a really fantastic birthday.

But before this turns into a complete pity party, I must say that I’m quite excited by the notion of getting older.

I suppose that with age, one might gain a few lovely and coveted qualities. Such as wisdom, self-confidence, and maturity. Maybe I’ll gain more patience and grace with the people around me. Maybe I’ll learn how to relinquish a little bit of my desperate need to control my life. Maybe I will grow in being able to take more risks rather than fearfully sit on the sidelines. It’s possible that I’ll get a little closer to being the person I want to become. One can hope, right? If all of that comes with aging, I’m all for it.

Check back with me in a year. Hopefully next time I won’t be in bed with pink eye.

36 thoughts on “Aging Like a Fine Wine

  1. Pink eye on your birthday?! There should be some sort of law against that. Anyway you poor girl, I hope you feel better soon. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a fantastic year.


  2. Happy Birthday hun! I *love* birthdays!! There better be cake and wine (as mentioned in your title, hehe) as soon as you’re feeling better. And who gets pink eye over the age of 7?! Oh yah. ME. I’ve had it twice as an adult. Get the drops asap!


  3. Happy (belated) birthday!! i think you’re wiser and more mature already. That sucks you’re sick AND have pink eye…at least the next year can only get better!


  4. Happy belated birthday! So sorry to hear you had to celebrate it with pink eye! Hope you get better soon ๐Ÿ™‚(And thanks for the M&Ms offer – you’re gold!)


  5. Dude! It seems like everyone’s had pink eye lately. Glad I just had the black plague and not pink eye. Happy Birthday!As a present, I’ve added you to my blogroll. Haha. Whee.


  6. I really hope you’re feeling a whole lot better. That “groggily sitting in front of the computer” is such a familiar thing to me ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Happy Belated 27th! I hope that by now you’re feeling much better so you can get out and celebrate with a feast. A feast that I am sure you will be posting about in the future??!


  8. happy birthday my dear. i’m so sorry you have the flu. i was in delirium as well for about two weeks and i just hope i was the one who gave it to you! am still asthmatic but the inhaler is helping. see you soon… ๐Ÿ™‚ booyeon


  9. Happy Happy birthday! Hope you get better and the pink eye goes away. If it makes you feel any better I had pink eye on my 16th birthday, I was not a happy camper, haha. Anyhoo, have a most fabulous day!


  10. Hey Larissa , with u a belated Happy Birthday . At 27 i already feel wise and patient and all those things that basically give you a gentle hint that your’re getting old , mature and responsible. Its not so bad , life looks better from here and makes so much more sense. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead, may u become wiser and smarter and all the things u wish for may come true !


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