Highlights of 2007

Don’t you like the pretty windmill and flowers? Me too.

As 2007 winds down, I’ve been reflecting on all that this year has brought, and am amazed at how much has happened. Here are some of my highlights of the year.

  • Moved into new job roles – Steve and I transitioned into new positions with our work as college pastors, and have found the change to be challenging and exciting. It’s particularly been fun to get to work and partner together in a job that we’re both passionate about.
  • Celebrated our first wedding anniversary – I can’t believe it’s been over a year since our wedding! Year one of marriage was a blast. Many people warned us that the first year is a difficult one, but we enjoyed it so much. I’m so grateful for my wonderful husband.
  • Turned a whoppin’ 26 in January – passing the quarter-century mark, I decided to celebrate sophisticate-style with the wine tasting party to end all wine tasting parties. In the company of great friends, our home turned into a wine and cheese extravaganza, and I merrily (very merrily) welcomed in year 2-6.
  • Got a bit healthier – after doing zero point zero physical activity, eating like there was no tomorrow, and putting on a few pounds in the last couple of years, I finally decided to make some changes for the better. Together, Steve and I did the Master Cleanse, created a sustainable Healthy Habits plan, and joined a great online peer support group (which I plan to post more about soon).
  • Cooked. A lot. – since getting married, cooking has quickly become a favorite hobby. Maybe it’s because I have another person to cook for, maybe it’s because we received tons of great cooking gadgets as wedding presents. In any case, I spent the better part of the year experimenting in the kitchen, and loved every second of it.
  • Went on a few trips – we traveled far and wide for work, vacation and to visit friends and family. Our travels included Nevada (Las Vegas and Reno), Illinois (Chicago), Mexico (Rosarito), Hawaii (Oahu and Kauai), and good ol’ California (San Diego, Lodi, the Bay Area, Catalina Island).
  • Launched a blog – The Larissa Monologues was birthed in March 2007, around the same time as Steve’s The View from the Porch. I began this blog primarily as an outlet and motivator for various reflections and creative activities. Since then, it has evolved quite a bit – a little bit personal, a little bit foodie and gardener, a little bit health – and has allowed me to meet all sorts of amazing people in the blogosphere, along with keeping me connected with friends and family.

It’s been an exciting one. Here’s to a wonderful 2008!

27 thoughts on “Highlights of 2007

  1. I am so grateful to God for blessing you and Steve with a great first year of marriage. My experience is that it only gets better, especially with Christ as your foundation. I have found your blog so inspirational and fun, and I have wanted to comment, but couldn’t figure out how until now. So for 2008, you’ll be hearing more from me.


  2. Larissa – so we’re both Kitchen Aid Mixer Queens, eh!? They are just an endless source of fun:) My hubby keeps joking that the meat grinder attachment is my next gift. I think it’s a lifelong dream of his for me to make homemade sausage. (He’s very Homer Simpson-esque in his love of all things pork. Mmmm…sausage.)


  3. your wedding photos are lovely!!! you had such a huge wedding party! i would love one like that – but it seems like a potential organizational nightmare! how did you pull it off?


  4. All of your 2007 highlights are just great! (The learning to drive stick shift was the best…I know how, but went auto a long time ago).Here’s looking to another good year!


  5. nice recap, especially since I’m pretty new here!Looking back, would you master cleanse again? I’m also intrigued by those things, but I wonder if they’re worth it.


  6. I was thinking about doing the master cleanse so i started reading all your blogs about it – interesting stuff! don’t know if i have the willpower for it, but i really could use something like that to kickstart my diet!!!


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