Celebrities Hang Out in Barnes & Noble Too

While standing in line at Barnes & Noble at the Grove the other day, I heard an oddly familiar male voice behind me. I turned around, and lo and behold, David Spade was standing right there chatting it up with a friend. I would have said hi, but I was embarrassed about the In Style magazine I was holding. Plus, what would I have said? Um…I’ve never actually seen any of your movies. Sorry, Dave. So instead I discreetly texted the news to Steve.

David Spade gets added to my ever-growing list of celeb sightings at the Grove. So far, I have spotted Dakota Fanning and her little sister Lesser Known Fanning Kid (signing autographs in American Girl), Mischa Barton, and Hilary Swank. Out of all the sightings, I was most excited about seeing the Fanning girls. Hey look! Little rich girls endorsing disturbingly expensive dolls to other little rich girls!

By the way, I just have to correct the possible notion that I loiter around Los Angeles hipster-villes like the Grove to stalk celebrities. Honest. I just go for the cheapo accessories at Forever 21, and to play with the iPhones at Apple. Don’t judge.

16 thoughts on “Celebrities Hang Out in Barnes & Noble Too

  1. Dakota Fanning fascinates me. I used to teach kindergarten and I’ve dealt with too many children in my time. I’ve yet to meet someone so… precocious. She KNITS. It’s disconcerting.


  2. I love Barnes and Noble. And playing with iphones. I seriously go into the Apple store to play with them allll the time. Maybe I should buy one? If I was David Spade or Dakota Fanning I could buy one. Sigh.


  3. No judgment here. I hang out at Barnes & Noble/Borders all the time, so if I lived near the Grove, I’d simply do so there & happen to see celebrities – and that would just be even more awesome. Lucky girl.


  4. That’s awesome, I’m jealous! Have I ever seen anyone famous at the mall? Hmm let me think…that would be a no. Columbus doesn’t attract many celebs, haha.


  5. I have seen so many celebs, but I really need to go to the Grove to see some in their shopping mecca, haha. Hilary Swank is a pretty cool spotting, as is the Fanning gals, they are pretty dang cute.


  6. The only celebs we see around Portland once in a while are professional athletes. When I was little I use to see Jack Lord grocery shopping at Kahala Star Market. Do you young bloggers even know who Jack Lord is? Damn I’m feeling oldish.


  7. I would so “bomb” on Hollywood trivia..goes to show how out of the loop I am when it comes to names. David Spade, David Spade, sounds so familiar but…oh heck Ro, just click on the helpful little link!I did however, save face with the mention of Dakota. Gosh I would be such a lousy paparazzo!


  8. I don’t blame you for not saying anything. Unless I was really a fan of a star who could say something intelligent about one of their films, I’d feel too self-conscious about it. 🙂


  9. When I lived in L.A. last summer (sigh…how I miss it!), my first celebrity sighting was at The Farm in Beverly Hills. Bob Saget.I was so disappointed. My other sightings included: Danny Bonaduce (driving beside me down Los Feliz in a red convertible) and Kate Walsh, eating brunch at Fred 62’s (I think that’s what it’s called…in Los Feliz.) Exciting stuff, right?! OH – I forgot – one more. Mindy Kohn – she played Natalie on “The Facts of Life.” Saw her at Jack & Jill’s in Bev Hills.


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