Extra Extra: Day of Mourning

  • Thanksgiving weekend photos are up here. Check ’em out, and see if you can spot me in the family pictures! It’s like Where’s Waldo?.
  • Today I said a very painful goodbye. My four little herb seedlings, which I planted in pots in early fall, died over Thanksgiving weekend. Apparently, they did not appreciate four days with no water. After trying my darndest to revive them to no avail, I let them go into the plant abyss that is our trash can.
  • In happier news, yesterday I met and had an EXTENSIVE conversation with one of my all-time favorite authors (however, in the name of not sounding like a completely lame and crazy fan, I’ll keep the author anonymous). This person is someone with endless amounts of character and wisdom, and he graciously humored my questions (which, thank God, were not quite so idiotic as “So what did YOU think about Denzel in American Gangster?”). It was a lovely interaction which made my day/week/year. Plus he personally told me that his granddaughter’s name is also Larissa. So we like totally bonded.

11 thoughts on “Extra Extra: Day of Mourning

  1. Sorry to hear about your little plants. I’m trying desperately, yet again, to hang onto my rosemary bush. :o) Wasn’t by chance Dallas Willard, was it? You’re so going to laugh if I’m right when I show you how we figured that one out.


  2. Ok, so like, for whatever reason, the link to [picasaweb.google.com/lari…] is not cooperating! All week I’ve been checking out Tday recaps and I’ve seen the turkey, but I still haven’t seen one <>before<> it was carved to pieces.P.S. Thanks for the vote of cool. I will also take that on a literal sense, as I am lacking warmth in this 38 degree weather! Somebody should come up with wool tabis because wearing triple socks makes it difficult to walk in my rubbah slippahs.


  3. Aw, your poor seedlings … I know in times of deep sorrow one can act rashly … but instead of laying them to rest in the trash, you might have let them “live on” by composting (sounds like such a harsh word in times like this) in your garden where their remains could give nutrients to the still-living plants, and eventually to your own body …Oh well, life goes on … maybe next time …Talking about nutrients, I’m hungry … gotta go eat something …


  4. a convo with a fave author? that is so cool! and sorry to hear about the plantlets! i’ve got no green thumb myself, so i dont’ really try to plant anything…


  5. Aww sorry your seedlings didn’t make it. My bamboo plants are stuck in limbo – I can’t tell if they want to live or die. They’ll sprout a new leaf and let another one turn yellow at the same time. *sigh*


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