Time to Dust Off Those Ornaments

That’s right, Christmas at our house has officially begun.

Last year Steve and I began the tradition of getting a Christmas tree about three seconds after Thanksgiving. So after a fun weekend in San Diego with Steve’s family, we stopped at a Christmas tree lot on the drive home. The guy there told us that the real shipment of trees hadn’t even arrived yet, but that they were selling a few early ones. So we snagged a pretty 7-footer, tied it onto the car, and headed home. The rest of the afternoon was spent decorating the house, sipping apple cider, and listening to Jessica and Nick sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Now if only the weather here would actually turn colder…

20 thoughts on “Time to Dust Off Those Ornaments

  1. Hooray for Christmas!! We haven’t put a tree up yet, but that’s because we need to find a stand first. Once we find one, it’s off to the tree lot. I can’t wait!


  2. I put my miniature tree up, but the family tree has yet to be bought!And you can come visit my family. It’s plenty cold here. Maybe you can even take some of the cold back with you.


  3. I’ve a good excuse for skipping the tree part…the dog would have AT IT for sure. I do love putting up lights though and will probably go the whole mile in changing the curtains, throw pillows and bath linens to fit the holiday mood. This includes the dog, who will have to put up with a red velvet bow tied around her neck!


  4. I looove your house! The walls are such a cool color and that window is so beautiful! I tried to put up our tree this year and my husband put his foot down. He’s making me wait until December 1st. What a grinch!


  5. We’re not ready yet. We are on year 3 of our fake pre-lit tree, but this year I’m excited for our new 2.5′ PINK pre-lit tree! I couldn’t resist it at the after-Christmas clearance last year!


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