Extra Extra: My Grand YouTube Debut

  • This week I got into an accident with our trusty little Honda. And before you get your hopes up that maybe it was at least a glamorous, interesting incident, well it wasn’t. In an attempt to be a stand-up citizen and NOT hit a woman walking across our driveway, I took a right turn too tightly and scraped our car door on the front bumper of a parked truck. A parked truck…yay. The truck was fine. Our Honda’s right door was christened with a pretty dent and scrape marks. Sighhhhh.
  • I am famous! YouTube famous (which I guess everyone and their mom is). Check me out on a friend’s film contest entry here. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss me.
  • Steve is out of town for a few days. Downside: I’m husband-less. Upside: I can play lots of Guitar Hero without competition for the controller.
  • New recipes will be coming! I’ve been cooking a lot, and would post a recipe now, but Blogger’s photo upload thingy is being a big lame-o. And what good is a recipe post without a picture? You know you all are the sort of people who buy cookbooks based on the pretty looking photos.

10 thoughts on “Extra Extra: My Grand YouTube Debut

  1. Aha! I saw you!! That was a pretty cool video, although I have to admit that when it got to the broken fingernail clipping part, my stomach kinda churned (it’s the blood thing).Sorry to hear about your Honda (by any chance it wasn’t an ORANGE truck was it? ;-D), but at least no one got hurt.Have a great time with Guitar Hero!


  2. oh my gosh i tried guitar hero and that stuff is ADDICTIVE…soo much fun! i wouldn’t let my brother have the control thing back!!enjoy it!thanks for stopping by my blog!! 🙂


  3. Hey – thanks for coming by my site! I’m enjoying reading yours. We have a lot in common – I’m from OC originally and worked with Campus Crusade and then at a church for quite a while. I thought I wanted to be a pastor, but now I’m taking a foray into motherhood and realizing what I really want to do is write. Can there be two Anne Lamotts in the world?


  4. I love aesthetically pleasing things, and cookbooks are no exception. I’m glad you posted a picture along with the recipe. Can’t wait for more of them!That really sucks about your car by the way. Perhaps if you retell the story you could include a pet animal to make it more heroic. =) Seriously though, I’m glad no one was hurt.


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