iWant You, iPhone

You need to know something about me.

I don’t usually get caught up by flashy things. I like simplicity in life, especially when it comes to stuff. The car that I drove post-college was a 1986 Honda Accord, a faithful car until it reached its end when it broke down on the 110 freeway in downtown LA. Most of my clothes are thrift store discoveries, like the puffer vest I found last week at Goodwill for three dollars. Three dollars. The computer I use was produced in the Mesozoic Era. Just the thought of making any major purchase that seems less than practical causes me to cringe.

Until this weekend.

While on a date with Steve at the Grove, he suggested we walk through the Apple Store. Like any supportive and loving wife, I rolled my eyes, sighed, and said okay, consciously willing myself not to launch into my usual tirade about how the Apple Store is just a place for all the snotty, Hummer-driving yuppies to gather and waste money on technology that is going to ruin their souls.

So in we went. Steve immediately made his way to the new iPod nano. I figured I may as well find something interesting to do, so I meandered over to the counter with the iPhones. Now like anyone remotely in touch with civilization, I have seen the hip commercials and heard the rave reviews about the iPhone. However, I have just scoffed, thinking, “Nothing could possibly inspire me to pay that much for a freakin’ phone.”

Boy was I wrong. This thing is AMAZING. It’s sleek, it’s beautiful, and pretty much does anything you could possibly want. It’s a phone, iPod, and internet device, all rolled into one. I swear, it probably does your laundry and feeds the dog. And now I want one so bad! My current cell phone seems so lame now…I mean, if it can’t play YouTube videos, then what good is that?!

Please have pity on me and my sad normal phone. Doesn’t the holiday season invoke the spirit of generosity in you???

12 thoughts on “iWant You, iPhone

  1. After I moved here and away from the working world, I swore that I, personally, would not get into overpriced gadgets. And then husband had to get that GPS for the car and I’m like…hmmm…maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get a cellphone (I’ve been sans cell for over 4 years!).The iPhone is out of the question only because I’d rather put the extra euros toward a trip to Patagonia or Japan next year. Thank goodness for being a travel fiend!


  2. I have told people including myself that I don’t need it. I should definitely wait until the second generation phone, but like you, once I have touched the forbidden apple, I want one and I wanted it yesterday!


  3. I caved and bought an iPhone right after they came out. Even though it costs and arm and a leg, it is AMAZING!! I was a little worried I wouldn’t use all of its features, but I do, especially Google Maps (I am notorious for getting lost, even if it’s somewhere I’ve been a hundred times before).


  4. I am a gadget freak, so of course I’ve been drooling over it for quite some time.Although it’s not yet compatible with 3G (faster cell network), so I keep using that as an excuse as to why I haven’t bought one yet.


  5. Restrain yourself…! For as long as possible. Just look for now, and you will get more that you see at the moment. There is so much more to come from the revolutionary iPhone (1st generation).


  6. I have an iPhone. I bought it on the day it was released. Walked over from my desk at Google and picked it up from the Santa Monica Apple Store. I must say I’m very happy with it. I guess you have excellent self-control.You should know that it does have shortcomings, however. Major omissions: voice calling, video recording, and voice memos. These things simply do not exist on the iPhone. My old Nokia could do all of these, so depending on what you use, you could be better off with a cheapo phone.


  7. I too am stuck with a phone I really don’t like, I hate Nokia. But, most likely, I will have to wait to be the proud owner of an iPhone…which is probably better to wait since 2nd generation will probably be better anyway!I love Apple.


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