No Candy For You

Upside Down Man & Lucky Cat make their grand entrance.

We spent about three hours and $20 at Goodwill to create these masterpieces. That’s how we roll. More photos from Halloween here.

True to form, we had to do our annual crap-we-forgot-to-buy-candy-for-the-kids routine. Some lucky kids received the Godiva chocolate that I got as a gift last week, while the not-so lucky ones got the banana Laffy Taffies that have been sitting in a bowl on our coffee table for a month because they’re the reject flavor.

Speaking of trick-or-treaters, I believe that our neighborhood attracts an inordinate amount of “trick-or-treaters” with no costume. Is it just me, or is that lame and undeserving of my delicious candy? I was tempted to withhold candy from the trick-or-cheaters, but their moms were there and they looked like they could beat me up. Moreover, there were at least three different people who were over the age of 50 (I’m not kidding), and who were NOT dressed in costume, who came to the door. At first I thought these folks were bringing their kids (or grandkids) to get candy, but that changed when they stood there sans children, holding out their plastic bags expectantly.

Me: Um, where’s your costume? And aren’t you a little too old to be doing this, anyway?
Old Dude: (shrugs shoulders) Hehe.

After deciding it would be simpler to just give some candy to Old Dude, he walked away saying, “See you next year!” How wrong is that?

Tell me, what’s been your most creative Halloween costume?

6 thoughts on “No Candy For You

  1. ? Over-middle-aged scums coming to your door for a confectionary handout?!!!! That is so.sad.Maybe next year you can save the banana taffies for them. What is this world coming to….


  2. I have a few “treat” suggestions for the overaged uncostumed beggars next year…hotel freebies (shampoo, soap, etc), condiment packets or job applications.


  3. Love the costumes, very creative!! Sam doesn’t like dressing up, so I stopped a few years ago. I think people that aren’t wearing costumes should be rejected. The best costume we saw on a kid was a Math Nightmare, he had all sorts of numbers and questions on his face, shirt, pants like a Math test gone insane. The kid with the best personality we saw was a little Buzz Lightyear. He wanted to come inside and check out the party. He waved and was friendly. I told him “Good luck saving the world” to which he said “No problem, it’s just my job.” I think he’s a future politician.The best was Andrew Fockel trying to get the kids to get into it more. Trying to bribe the ninja to show us all his moves etc. I think he should have bribed them with Candy and told them to do things like punch the kid next to them, or run screaming at their parents all crazy. hehe Thank you for the comment on my blog re. The Golden Compass. It’s nice to hear from Christians who have actually read the book!! I think the series is now being moved to the top of my must read list.Also, that’s awesome about the poker game – congrats!!


  4. Ah, an old classic. My best halloween costume was when I dressed up as the Morton salt girl. Remember that?And thanks for all the comments on my blog! I love answering questions 🙂


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