Did You Miss Me?

I’m back from a wonderful weekend in Chicago!

The Women’s Conference was awesome, and served as a nice reminder that many (if not all) women have similar struggles with self-doubt, fear and questions regarding purpose and direction in life. Yay…I’m not a complete crazy person! In addition to reaffirming my general sanity, the conference gave me a chance to connect with some amazing women, have quality time with myself and God, and experience an actual fall season (with actual orange and red leaves on the trees!).

I arrived home last night to a few surprises.

Surprise #1 – a clean house, and a complete dinner prepared by a loving husband! Steve figured I might be tired from the flight, and made a lovely meal for me to enjoy. Ah, marital bliss…may it never end! By the way, you can read about my husband’s cooking here.

Surprise #2 – plants, alive and kicking! That is, except for the stupid palm tree in the living room, which refuses to stay green no matter how much I douse it in water. But the rest of our hodgepodge of wildlife is doing well. You can all breathe a sigh of relief now.

Surprise #3 – Guitar Hero 3 for the Nintendo Wii! This actually wasn’t a surprise, since we pre-ordered the game a few months ago. But I was surprised to discover how completely lame I am at the game. I mean, I can play the actual guitar in real life…so shouldn’t this little plastic guitar with buttons be a cinch? Apparently not. I named my band The Manatease (yes, you may laugh), and am determined to at least pass the “easy” level. If you don’t hear from me for a while, you can safely assume I’m cultivating my Guitar Hero skills.

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