Restoration for the Soul

“Bamboo” – oil on canvas

In need of some deep physical, emotional and spiritual restoration, I am headed to Catalina Island for a few days of personal retreat this weekend. I am looking forward to having space to just be. To be still, to have silence and solitude, to enjoy nature, to do things that are life-giving. I desperately long to become a person who abides in God and experiences his peace and provision and freedom and grace. I am so far from being that person, but I hope that taking this retreat will help propel me in that direction.

5 thoughts on “Restoration for the Soul

  1. I would recommend going to Descanso Beach Club (pass the Casino building). It’s the best place to relax and you can even get a massage at “massages by the sea”. Have fun. I love Catalina.


  2. You’re in my prayers, Sista! I am so happy you’re getting away to just do things for yourself and relax. I know God is going to give you peace. 🙂 Talk to you soon. Natalie Fockel (since there are two of us)


  3. The other day, on my flight back from l.a., I ran into a father and son from Wichita who just got back from CBS family camp. And they also go to the school that’s affiliated with my church. Small world, no? Hope you find what you’re looking for in solitude.


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