Dish Towel Bag

It is ridiculously hot here in LA. I have had five glasses of water in the last hour, and I am pretty sure all of it has already sweat out of my pores.

I was bored this past weekend, so I made this bag out of two dish towels.

It has pockets, and is reversible! Reversible anything makes me happy. I made the bag without any pattern, so it’s not the most precise sewing project. I have no patience for using patterns – they take FOREVER, and are way too meticulous for those of us with little attention span. Because of that, though, my sewing projects are all probably destined to end up as rejects at Goodwill at some point. Oh well.

Now please excuse me while I go sit in a bathtub of ice cubes.

4 thoughts on “Dish Towel Bag

  1. reversible … underwear is reversible … saves on laundering costs.rejects … or <>unique works of art<>.anonymous … so as not to embarass the innocent.


  2. tealeaf – Thanks. Yeah, I sort of just made it up as I went. I got a sewing machine for my last birthday, and have been experimenting with it since then.


  3. I’m very proud of your sewing projects. I’m so happy you are sewing. Keep up the good work. Your Sewing Teacher Mom


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