One Year Anniversary

On Sunday, Steve and I celebrated our first anniversary. I can’t believe our wedding was a whole year ago. One year! Whew, we made it…only seventy-something more to go. Our first year together has involved lots of learning and adjusting, but also has been extremely fun and joyful.

To celebrate, we went out to a fancypants dinner at Roy’s in downtown Los Angeles (made possible by my parents…thanks, parents!). Seriously, we paid more for one of the appetizers than I normally would for an entire meal. But boy, was it worth it! Unlike those cushy places that cost an arm and a leg for say, one dry, tasteless ravioli, the food at Roy’s was amaaaaazing. The sushi and seafood were to die for, as was the Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé. We also enjoyed a bottle of the Old Vine Zinfandel that we served at our wedding.

Here’s to my wonderful husband, and an entire lifetime together. Cheers!

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