Gardening 101

Here is my garden in the works. There’s an aloe plant, fig tree, rosemary bush, and ample space for some herbs and vegetables. A week ago it was quite nasty and overgrown, but after I went medieval on it with a saw and shears, I now have a workable plot of land. I also have my share of scrapes and scars, which just goes to show that garden gloves really are necessary, and not just something my grandma needs to use. Live and learn.

2 thoughts on “Gardening 101

  1. Wow. My basil and rosemary look terrible. They are being thoroughly abused by the wind, rain, and flooding. Your garden, however, is adorable. You should definitely plant some herbs!


  2. Looks like you’ll need to break things up a bit, maybe ammend the soil a little, and be sure to water frequently so it doesn’t dry out like that. Start with sage, thyme, mint (careful – it takes over), parsley or chives — maybe cilantro if you’d use it. Keep the rosemary. I’ve never successfully kept basil alive here in CA. It probably takes more attention than I have. *grin* You can find a lot of stuff for a buck or two for the little 4″ guys and then you don’t feel too bad if you kill it. Herbs are nice b/c they’re basically just weeds that taste good — just keep the soil moist and you’ll do fine. :o)


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