Don’t Ask Me to Water Your Plants

My summer project is to garden. In the back of our house there is a rectangular plot of dirt with shrubs and weeds. My goal for the summer is to turn it into a beautiful garden of herbs and vegetables.

For anyone else, this wouldn’t be that difficult a task. I do not, however, have the greatest track record with plants. In college a dear friend bought me a cactus for my birthday, which I vowed to faithfully care for. It died in three months. Then last summer we bought a lovely little ficus tree to sit near our front door. It was my job (not sure how that happened) to water it. By December, the tree looked as if someone had cursed it. It was a sad day when I had to take it out to the trash bin.

But against all odds, I’m determined to make this garden happen. I figure that having fresh herbs and vegetables to cook with is a nice motivating factor for me. If it doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll take up macramé instead.

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