Give Your Momma Some Love

We’re about to head to a camp in the mountains with our USC students for our annual summer retreat. And then it’s vacation time!!! I love my job.

To make up for missing Mother’s Day, I wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful, beautiful mothers (I have two now!), Terry and Debbie.

Moms Are the Best Because…

Moms prove that even with a bad perm and post-pregnancy body, a woman can be classy, hip and hot.

Moms teach you everything you need to know – how to share your toys, how to cook, and how to do aerobics in the livingroom when you can’t afford a gym membership.

Moms do awesome things with you, like dress up with you for Halloween. And they let you wear whatever you want in the name of independence, including horrifyingly gigantic glasses.

Moms are the most loving, supportive, comforting people in the world, and remain that way even after you’ve grown up and moved out.

Happy Mother’s Day, moms!!! I love you both!

3 thoughts on “Give Your Momma Some Love

  1. Hi Larissa, This is your Calif. mom using Rick’s blog page ( he just made it; you’ll have to check it out). Thanks for the nice things you said about mom’s. We love you and are so glad we have you as a daughter now. Have a great time on your retreat. Love, Mom


  2. Hey Larissa-I want to update my blog and send you guys pictures of our torn up kitchen and then the pictures of the “new” kitchen and also include pictures like you guys do-how do you do it. My advance computer skills are a little weak.


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