Heaven is Guinness Tiramisu Ice Cream

Here is my weekend in pictures…

On Saturday morning I went to the famous Doughboys on 3rd Street for the first time. I was hoping to run into a celebrity, since the friend I was with had seen Hillary Swank and Joaquin Phoenix(!) there, but no luck. I had the Scrapple Dirty Eggs, a ginormous plate of pan-fried grits mixed with shredded braised pork, scrambled eggs with potatoes and caramelized onions, and corn cake. It was fantastic. Although, for the life of me, I still don’t know what a “scrapple” is. Any ideas?

Later I went to one of my favorite used clothing stores, Buffalo Exchange on La Brea. I had a $30 gift certificate to spend there, but sadly, I didn’t find anything worth buying. Maybe next time.

Then a few friends and I journeyed to Scoops, a little ice cream joint near Los Angeles City College that has been getting lots of raves. I just have to say Oh. My. Lord. The ice cream is hand-churned daily by the owner, and includes unique flavors such as Brown Bread, Strawberry Plum Wine, Apple Mango, Cashew Orange Water, and Blueberry Raisin. The best part? It’s super cheap – $2 for two scoops, and $1 for a refill. After tasting just about every flavor, I ended up getting the Brown Bread & Guinness Tiramisu (beer AND dessert, yes please!). It’s about 10 minutes from my house, so you can assume I’ll be there pretty much every weekend from this day forth.

That night we got a poker game going at our house. One of our friends brought over his new dog (a daschund named Oscar Mayer Hernandez, the poor thing), who decided to play with us. But he soon tired of that, and spent the rest of the night chewing on a sock. I won the poker game (with pocket Queens), by the way.

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