Every Woman Loves a Bubble Bath

Today I had the entire day all to myself, which is a rarity when one works in full-time ministry. I kicked off the day by sleeping in till 10am, and then having breakfast in bed. The rest of my day pretty much consisted of reading, watching Amélie (yes, for the first time…and yes, I LOVED every second of it), and taking a long, hot bubble bath with the works – candles, bath salts, the latest issue of Real Simple, and the soothing voice of Enya. It was marvelous. I was considering starting a new painting today, but that felt like too much work. Maybe I’ll paint my nails instead. Ahhh, the small joys of life.

I also spent some time giving The Larissa Monologues a makeover. I felt like it was in need of a cleaner, crisper look. So there ya go.

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