Television Rocked the House Tonight

Tonight was a fun and highly entertaining night of television. First there was the two hours of American Idol’s telethon, Idol Gives Back, which raised money for impoverished kids in Africa and America. It was chock full of the lame (i.e. Earth, Wind & Fire’s dull performance, and Il Divo’s weird performance), and the enjoyable (i.e. Simon’s appearance on the Simpsons, and Josh Groban singing with an African kids choir). And although it was done in true A.I. pageant and spectacle fashion, it was good to see celebrities put their money and fame towards something worthy.

Then there was Lost. Oh Lost, how I do adore thee! Tonight, the show clinched 1st Place in my heart, beating out 24 by a mile…sorry, Jack Bauer. But seriously, Lost constantly spins its web of intrigue, all the while convincing me that the answers will ultimately be worth my captivation. As in the past few episodes, this one – you can read about it on my favorite Lost blog here – gave great backstory, and projected the present plot forward with a fantastic pace. Every Wednesday night I can count on the show grabbing my attention and emotions for an hour, and resulting in me screaming, “What’s going on?!” at the TV screen…I love it. And by the way, Juliette is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. Keep it coming, Lost!

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