The Master Cleanse – Day 7

Only three days left! It’s actually gone by pretty quickly.

Day 7 was supposed to be one of the most difficult, according to the book. But it wasn’t all that different from the last few.

The main issue of the day was navigating the bathroom situation this morning. We had nine college students crash at our place for the night. Picture it – nine college students plus two Master Cleansers (with their daily salt water flush routine) trying to use two toilets – INSANE.

I have to say that I miss the days of being woken up by the annoying alarm of my cell phone, rather than my stomach in utter turmoil. This morning I had to get up and empty myself at 5:30am. Ugh.

The rest of the day was pleasantly uneventful. I spent the day out in Compton, doing a service project with some of my college students. In terms of the Cleanse, I drank less lemonade than usual, and didn’t feel that hungry even while sitting with a bunch of people as they ate their lunch. When I got home around 5pm, I suddenly got extremely tired. I’m not sure if that was from the Cleanse, or from organizing the service project. In any case, I’m ready to curl up in my comfy bed.

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