The Master Cleanse – Day 6

Through the Cleanse (or what my brother referred to as “that weird new-agey thing”) I’m realizing just how much I’m used to having the comfort of food around me. It’s not really hunger, but more of an underlying irritation of not being able to eat what I want when I want.

Plus, I really miss cooking. Since getting married, cooking has become a cherished hobby of mine. It’s my time to be in the kitchen, get away from other people and activities of the day, and put my creative energy into a productive hour or two. I love the activity of cooking…maybe even more than the food itself. Well…probably not that much.

Anyway, today was actually a pleasant one. My body has gotten used to its daily routine of salt water, lemonade, and herbal tea. I had noticably more energy than usual during the afternoon. And I realized that my sense of smell was way stronger, which apparently is a common occurrence for Master Cleansers. I was walking around outside, and noticed some very specific scents around me (including one dude’s body odor AND his freshly washed, detergent-scented t-shirt. Go figure.).

I’m going to go vegetate in front of the TV now, and pray that a Papa John’s commercial doesn’t come on.

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