The Master Cleanse – Day 1

Last night I dreamt about the Cleanse. It was actually about a group of people trying to escape a dungeon by squeezing themselves through a big pipe (obviously my brain’s interpretation of my digestive system during the Cleanse).

Today was Day 1. We drank our laxative tea last night. First thing in the morning, we mixed our salt water flush (one quart). Steve had no problem drinking it. I, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. With each sip, I kept gagging because of the taste. Sipping with a straw didn’t help. Imagining I was a fish didn’t help. So instead, I drank another laxative tea. And boy oh boy, did that do a number on my stomach! For the rest of the day I was nauseous and churning, to the point of missing half of the Easter service at church because I was making friends with the toilet. Not pretty. We’ll give the salt water another whirl tomorrow.

The good news is that I love the lemonade concoction. I chugged that stuff all day, and haven’t missed solid foods yet. Of course, it IS only Day 1. Days 2 and 3 are supposedly some of the most miserable.

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